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About cleaning and charging healing stones and jewelry

Reinigung und Aufladung von Halbedelsteinen

About cleaning and charging stones and gemstone jewelry!

I have promised you a blog for a long time, where I talk about cleaning and charging semi-precious stones. Now I keep my promise, even if it took a little longer!

Like other objects, stones can absorb energy and then release it again. In our world we are surrounded by different energies, some strengthen us and some weaken us. Stones absorb these energies, both positive and negative.

So it is fundamentally necessary for the permanent healing effect of stones to discharge and recharge them from time to time (approximately once a month, depending on how often you use or wear them).

First I want to tell you how I personally clean and recharge my stones and jewelry!

I have a completely closed amethyst druse (which of course can be opened). I know that I’m more of an exception since amethyst druses are quite expensive, especially the closed ones. I was able to buy mine many years ago at an extremely affordable price in India when we (quite coincidentally) drove with friends to “their” stone dealer in his mine. That was the complete stroke of luck back then …… So, in this amethyst druse I put my stones or jewelry for about 24 hours and leave them to the many, many small amethyst tips that surround them from all directions. These tips are very important for this method of cleaning – therefore it should be a druse or a piece of druse and no drum or polished stones ……… With this method there is no “too long” and sometimes it also more than 24 hours …….. I like this way of cleaning and charging the most. It feels so natural, simple and good to me and I’ve learned to trust my intuition (especially regarding stones) ……. I googled a little bit for you with an amethyst druse and that found:

The amount of iron in the amethyst is very finely divided. In addition, an amethyst has a very high concentration of energy. It is symbolically as powerful and powerful as that of a volcano. If you now place a gem in the druse, the information of the stone is passed on to the much stronger amethyst and thus freed from it.

If you are not one of the lucky ones who own an entire amethyst druse, you can also help yourself with a drusen piece that is much cheaper to get.

Before I came across the amethyst method, I unloaded my stones in hematite tumbled stones.

It is simply less complicated than always paying attention to which stone may or may not come into contact with water, which stones can be cleaned with salt and which cannot ……

I then put them in a bowl with many large and small rock crystals to charge them,

because the rock crystal as a neutral gem has activating and strengthening properties. And that worked wonderfully.

Of course, I also cleaned my hematite again and again, which works well with the salt method. You don’t have to charge them if you only use them for cleaning. But if you want to recharge the hematite, you can do it well in rock crystals.

And I unload my rock crystals under running, cold water and charge them in the sun.

When I unload stones with water, I personally do it with cold water because it reminds me of the power of a mountain stream. Some instructions say that you should clean stones under lukewarm water, but you may decide that intuitively.

Here are different methods to DISCHARGE healing stones.

Follow your intuition when you choose a method.

Unloading under water:

Here you will find a wide variety of instructions, which usually vary from stone to stone. (That’s why I used hematite tumbled stones). There are instructions that recommend lukewarm water and instructions that recommend cold water. I myself clean stones with cold water without exception, precisely because cleaning with cold water reminds me of cleaning in a clear mountain stream. And the duration ranges from “briefly cleaning under running water” to “6-8 hours cleaning under running water”. But there is always talk of running water, which sounds just right. The following may not be cleaned in water: turquoise, chrysocolla and pyrite sun, as these cannot tolerate water.

The easiest way is to place the stone you want to unload on hematite tumbled stones in the evening and leave it there overnight.

Unloading with salt:

Salt has always been known as a great element of cleaning and has also been used in this way in many cultures. For cleaning with natural salt, you take 2 glass bowls that fit into each other. So a bigger and a smaller one. In principle, it is like heating something in a water bath. Only salt is used instead of hot water and nothing is heated …… Cover the bottom of the larger bowl with salt, place the small bowl on top and fill the space between the two bowls with salt so high that the stone underneath Salt edge comes to rest. The stone comes into the smaller bowl and must not come into direct contact with the salt. If it is a stone that tolerates water, it is poured with low-mineral water to increase the conductivity of the salt. The salt can be used more often ……. Cleaning with salt is very effective. The duration of the salt bath can be between 10 minutes and 6 hours maximum (googled), depending on how much the stone was “used”. I would let the salt work for 2 hours at the longest. But that is again just my personal feeling ….. If the stone remains in the salt bath for too long, the salt can deprive it of all its strength and the healing effect can decrease.

And here are some ways to CHARGE healing stones.

Intuitively decide which one you want to use.

Charging with rock crystals:

Place the stone you want to charge in a group of rock crystals and let it load in for about 24 hours.

Charging with sunlight:

The sun charges stones wonderfully, provided that the stone can take sunlight. Find out if your stone is suitable for charging in the sun. In principle, the morning and evening sun should be used for charging and the midday sun should be avoided, since it can deprive the stone of its strength. An exception is the amber, which likes to bathe in the sun.

Charging with moonlight:

You can also charge stones with moonlight, but you must note that the moon has strong effects, depending on the phase it is in and whether these moon influences are transferred to the stone. The waxing moon is suitable for strong, powerful stones that you want to be energized by, the waning moon is more suitable for stones that have gentle energies and for processes of cleaning and letting go.

I have deliberately given only the most common methods (so that it does not become an unmanageable flood of information) and those that I have already used.

And now about CLEANING of “my / your” JEWELRY!

Please do not clean your jewelry in ultrasonic devices. Sure they will be nice and clean, but I can’t and don’t want to imagine what the ultrasound does in the stones. When I think about it, it shakes me. I can not say more about that.

If your copper or silver has tarnished and you want to make it shine again, just do it with a polishing paste. Of course you can also use a natural toothpaste for this. Apply the paste to the metal with a soft brush (please let the stone out) and rinse it off with water.

There are also jewelry cleaning cloths (polishing cloths) that you can use without any problems. This method is particularly advisable if you have a stone in your piece of jewelry that cannot do well with water.

You can use the above-mentioned methods for unloading and charging healing stones without hesitation.

So feel yourself in and try it out. If you have any questions (e.g. whether “your” stone can tolerate water or can tolerate the sun or … .. or …..) you can contact me at this link