Why: “Decorate yourself with the power of stones” ??

Warum: “Schmücke dich mit der Kraft der Steine?”

I myself have been fascinated by stones since childhood. In the beginning it was of course all kinds of stones that I found while walking, in fields, in streams or wherever and which I took home as my sweetheart. Over time, more and more semi-precious stones came to me in various ways – as gifts, as jewelry, etc. And of course at some point my interest in the effects and influences of these stones on us humans has awakened. I have started to observe the effect of the stones on me, but also on friends, and have had many positive experiences with it, even if there is no scientific evidence of the actual effect of healing stones (apart from the placebo effect). A lot of natural power is stored in the stones. In comparison to human life, stones survive very long periods in the history of the earth and can therefore store a particularly large amount of energy. The power of the stones is as different as the stones themselves, because these are formed from minerals, of which there are several thousand species in nature. But, since this is not just about my personal relationship to semi-precious stones , I have brought you some interesting facts about gemstones in history:

Gemstones in History:

The use of stones in medicine has deep roots. The use of precious and semi-precious stones as protection or a lucky charm goes back to all indigenous (indigenous) cultures and then to all advanced cultures from China to India, ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Mayas and Aztecs of Central America. The first written records of “stone healing” go back 6000 years to Ayurveda in India (literal translation: wisdom or life science). The first records of this naturopathy can be found in the “Vedas”, a collection of thousands of years old Hindu texts. There are accurate records of how to use gemstones to heal physical and mental illnesses. It contains information on the processing of precious stones (for powders, ointments, elixirs) and instructions for placing colored healing stones on diseased parts of the body. Ayurveda is still taught as part of medical education at Indian universities. And the use of talismans and amulets even goes back to the beginnings of mankind. The oldest finds of jewelry and amulets are estimated to be just over 100,000 years old. Napoleon was convinced that only thanks to a lapis lazuli scarab from an Egyptian tomb did he remain unharmed on all his campaigns. Roman Legionnaires wore tiger-eye pendants to protect them in battle. The Mayan shamans wore black tourmaline at their ceremonies so as not to be caught by Earth spirits. The Navajo warriors and hunters carried turquoise to get protection from the god of heaven.

All of this shows that minerals, gemstones and crystals have been used for millennia to balance emotional, physical and spiritual powers, protect their wearers and bring them happiness.

And why now: adorn yourself with the power of stones?

I want to connect with this sentence. A connection that means that on the one hand you decorate yourself and your body and on the other hand you make use of the effects of the stones. Decorate yourself: It’s so nice to decorate yourself and your body! Who does not know the special feeling when you “beautify” your body, be it with make-up, a new hairstyle, beautiful clothes or just extraordinary jewelry. And with special, extraordinary jewelry you also send out a message: “I am an individual! I am unique and wear something unique ”! – You stand out from the masses! And here we come to the combination of what I am talking about, on the one hand special, unique jewelry and on the other hand precious or semi-precious stones set in it, with their unique effect again is made available and made available for you.

And that’s why I say: “Decorate yourself with the power of stones”!

My next blog will be about how to clean stones! Because for the fact that they help us with our problems and ailments, we should give them the luxury from time to time to clean themselves and recharge (energize).