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Why I love working with wire:

My “career” in gemstone jewelry started with macrame. I have been working with this technique for over 20 years and I love this work. BUT: At some point I started to feel limited about the shape and size of the stones that I could frame with macrame. And that’s why I started using wire.

In the beginning it was a very simple version. Follow the stone shape with the wire, make any connections so that the stone cannot fall out … ..

And THEN: Has wire weaving come into my life! What a revolution! … ….. Somewhere (I have no idea where that was) I saw a photo of a woven border. And was fascinated! My urge to act and explore was immediately awakened. This was followed by an intensive period of searching, trying, learning, making mistakes, learning from these mistakes, achieving success and becoming more and more satisfied with the outcome. In the first year, hardly a day has passed in which I have not woven (although not much has changed so far).

I have not yet got a stone shape in my hand that you could NOT frame with this technique. And as you have seen yourself, “wire-woven” jewelry is not only unique, but also extremely beautiful! Working with wire allows me to live out my creativity in such a way that I feel very satisfied and satisfied with it. And “wire weaving” is limitless. In this technique, there are so many different techniques that I can combine that there are no limits to the design options.

Different types of wire:

There are so many types of wire: aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, surface-treated and therefore multi-colored wire, brass wire, copper wire, silver wire, gold wire, “silverfilled- or goldfilled” wire ……

A few words about “silver- or goldfilled” wire. It is silver-plated or gold-plated wire. With silver it is a copper core that is silver-plated, with gold it is a copper or brass core that is gold-plated. This means that both wires contain only those metals that are also used to stretch fine silver or fine gold, e.g. To get sterling silver (925 or 935) or 14 or 18 carat gold.

This form of silver or gold wire is an affordable variant of pure silver or gold wire and cannot be distinguished externally from these. In my experience and the experience of other jewelry manufacturers (with whom I exchange ideas), these types of wire do NOT rub off and you will enjoy them for a lifetime (in contrast to jewelry wire, which is also silver-plated copper wire, for example). “Silverfilled wire” has nothing to do with this jewelry wire (which you can buy in craft stores), because it is 50 to 100 times more silver-plated.

I personally use copper wire, silver wire, “silverfilled” and “goldfilled” wire, as well as pure gold wire on request. Sometimes brass wire, but only on request, because it is very stiff and not so easy to process. Also with gold wire or ” goldfilled “I would work wire, but only on request, simply for cost reasons. The reason why I only work with these wires is that the effect on the body is very important to me. I see my jewelry as” Power jewelry ”, which should enable you to connect with the power of the stones and to be able to use them. And in my opinion it is necessary that the stones are encased in“ pure ”metals and not in aluminum wire or the like.

Effects of metals:

Here I want to give you a brief summary of the effects of the metals that I use. I use “The Great Lexicon of Healing Stones, Fragrances and Herbs” as the source, because according to the law I am not allowed to make these statements. So, these statements do not come from me, but from the above. Book:


  • has healing properties on the blood and blood circulation and also controls the hormones and vitamins that are transported through the blood cells in the blood
  • strengthens the immune system and thus helps against fever and feverish infections
  • supports the woman in the menstrual period, relieves abdominal and abdominal pain before the rule and regenerates the metabolic balance of the glands during the rule
  • has strong anticonvulsant effects on the nerves and muscle fibers
  • helps with rheumatic muscle and joint diseases and prevents heavy joint wear and joint calcification
  • helps against frequent cramps in calves, legs and face
  • helps against pressure pain caused by the sciatic nerve
  • relieves psychosomatic disorders and epilepsy
  • protects liver, spinal cord, kidneys and lungs from diseases, fungal infections, jaundice and catarrh
  • relieves anemia and malignant anemia
  • works against earth and water jets
  • helps with insomnia, sleep disorders and sensitivity to the weather
  • strengthens self-confidence, encourages courage and promotes decision-making
  • helps to recognize and implement difficult decisions better


  • is a powerful transformer between healing stones and our body
  • regulates the fluid balance in the lymphatic system and the flow of juice in the organism
  • protects against acidification of the body fluids in the stomach and intestines
  • harmonizes the production of the glands
  • gives inner balance and spiritual peace to a greater extent
  • soothes people who are prone to rudeness, takes away their hatred and prevents outbursts of anger and sudden anger
  • strengthens weaker and more reserved people in their self-confidence and self-fulfillment and frees them from everyday inhibitions in dealing with other people


  • is contained in the organism as a function-enhancing trace element
  • has very gentle healing effects and is very supportive in connection with precious and healing stones
  • worn on the body, it accompanies the organism in the change of life and protects against early signs of aging
  • delays organic decay and maintains healthy metabolism into old age and actively
  • leads to healthy eating behavior
  • makes the nervous system smoother, so that the flow of information can penetrate freely from the brain to the organs and limbs
  • also relieves senility, deafness, myopia and uncontrolled muscle tremors
  • strengthens the self-confidence of its wearer and symbolizes wealth and well-being
  • Hard work, loyalty and love are qualities that are achieved directly through gold.
  • ATTENTION: Processed gold should always be worn in conjunction with gemstones, since pure gold can spoil the character of a person. People who suffer from arrogance and obsession with power can become crude and very possessive through pure gold.

I hope this blog brought you some interesting news! In my next blog I will tell you about cleaning and charging the healing stones.