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My name is Suna

(although my birth certificate says Susanne – but that’s only by the way).

I am married and have a son. Since 2008 I have been living with my small family in Pernitz / Lower Austria, surrounded by nature, forest and mountains.

Since childhood I have had a very strong, special relationship to stones. In the beginning it was just normal stones (of course with a special touch for me, in my child’s perception) that I collected in all possible places and included in my treasure collection. Over time, more and more semi-precious stones came to me in various ways. And slowly but steadily, my interest in the effects of the stones has also awakened. I have started to observe the influences of the stones on myself and friends and have had very positive experiences with them, even if there is no scientific evidence for their effects. (More on the use of precious and semi-precious stones for healing purposes in my blog – Why: “Decorate you with the power of stones “? )

Atelier Suna y Laluna art workshop

Before my time as a mother, I traveled a lot and learned many years ago on one of these trips how to set stones in macrame and how to make simple chains. That was very fascinating for me, because I could finally use it to shape my stones so that I could wear them on my body. My skills in macrame technology have developed over the years and have moved in different directions.

Over time, however, I felt limited in the macrame technique, in relation to the “edible” shape of the stones and so I started to put my gemstones in wire. And then I’m on the TECHNIQUE OF “WIRE WEAVING” encountered – AND WAS FASCINATED! … …… This work is so captivating, challenging, fulfilling ……. It is, like macrame, very fine and detailed and corresponds absolutely to my nature, as in the sign of the virgin born.

In this technique, I can really grasp any size and shape of stones and use them to make very special, idiosyncratic and unique pieces of jewelry with a lot of love and patience.

Since not only the effect of the stones, but also that of the metals, is very important to me, I only use “pure”, high-quality materials, such as copper, silver and gold (gold initially only on order) or silver-plated and gold-plated on request Wire.

The reactions of my customers to my special, individual jewelry confirm me in my work and always give me a very fulfilling, profound joy, because when they hold their jewelry in their hands they range from deep touch, jumps of joy to tears of joy , which in turn touches me deeply!

And this, my profound fulfillment, love and joy, I pass on to you in my work.

I am looking forward to everyone who is interested in my work. I can be reached on the telephone number (0043 Austrian area code) 0680/2150694 and further down on this page you can send me a message. Or, here is a direct link to my Shop !

I also wish everyone who reads this a wonderful time and a fulfilling life that may have its ups and downs. Because we grow from it and we learn from it.

Warm regards from


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