If you would like to have a very special piece of jewelry made for you, I will help you to realize it ……. And of course the same applies if you have a very special piece of jewelry for you want to have your loved ones made, because what could be nicer than to bring joy to others …….. I speak from experience, because that’s what I do with my work ……. .

In the contact form you will find some questions that will help me to create a piece of jewelry that fits you exactly … Starting from the stone, the type of wire, the style …….

Speaking of style ……… I reserve the right to let my creativity run free, to give the stone what it asks for, to just follow the river. Because this flow is an important aspect that creates personal, unique jewelry! That is why every piece that I make especially for you or one of your loved ones will be a surprise for both you and me …….. Of course I will stick to the desired styles.

The selection of the stone: If you want a very specific stone in your piece of jewelry, you can tell me immediately and if I have stones of this type, you can choose “your” stone based on photos. This also makes some questions in the contact form superfluous. If you still have no idea about the stone, your answers in the form will help me to find the right stone for you …..

Often, if I don’t get a “That’s it” experience based on the information in the form, I choose the stone intuitively! I am a very emotional person, so this type of selection is personally my favorite. I then check my intuitive choice with the “lists” and it has ALWAYS been confirmed.

If you know, with the decade (ie your birthday is in the first, second or third third of the period this zodiac sign. Eg lions have a birthday from July 23rd to August 22nd. The first decade includes the first third of this period, the second decade the second third and the third decade the third third).
(Effects of the types of wire in my blog "Why I love working with wire").
Do you prefer the opposing / lush, the simple / straightforward or the playful?