As I have already told you, I put all my heart, all my love, all my knowledge and experience, my virgin perfectionism, my pronounced need for harmony (I am Libra in the Ascendant) and my great wish to bring you joy and the best for you to give in every single one of my pieces.

I only use selected / high-quality gemstones or semi-precious stones piece by piece and only work with “pure metals”. By pure metals I mean copper, silver and gold. On request, I can also use high-quality silver-plated or gold-plated wire. In a sense, these are “pure metals” again, because here silver or gold has been applied to a wire core (either copper or bronze) …. In principle, I do not work with any kind of decorative wire, inferior silver-plated or gold-plated wire, aluminum wire, steel wire and the same. More about the wire types in my blog “Why I love working with wire”.

In the technique of “wire weaving” 98% of the work is done by hand. For a very small part of the work, I use tools such as pliers or files. The only mechanical device I use is a polishing machine, with which I remove the excess patina after patination and work out this wonderful contrast.

All of my special designs, as well as all finished, available pieces of jewelry are absolutely unique, specially made for you and in this form there is no second time. There are also small series of some models, which I then mark as such. But since there are no two identical pieces in “wire weaving”, each piece also has its own character in these series.

From stone to gem:

Before I start with a piece of jewelry, I think about which stone I will use. If it is not commissioned work, I go according to my feeling which stone to set would give me pleasure.

If I create the piece of jewelry for someone specific, my system to find the right stone is a mixture of facts and intuition ……. I look at the desired properties with the right stone and then choose the right one Stone out. But since facts are facts, but I am a very emotional person, sometimes none of the stones possible according to facts gives me the feeling that he is the right one for the person in question and then I only go by my intuition.

I have certain feelings about the stones. I find some to be light and cleansing, some to be heavy and to collect energy, others to be calm or energizing. With the energizing there are again those that I feel as “primal power givers” and which I feel as “hips / laughs / dances”. In some I feel the sun with its power, in others the fire. Although sun and fire are very similar, but different ……. Since it is very difficult for me to put these, my subtle sensations to stone in words, I hope that I give you my relation to them could hereby make a little bit noticeable / understandable.

And then I come to the version! I usually have a basic idea of ​​the finished piece. But just a basic one. Each piece goes its own way and every stone demands its own ways and forms. And they only show up in the development process …….. Therefore, I reserve the right not to meet exact specifications for commissioned work, but to let the piece come into being, taking into account the desired style, of course …. ….. When I have a completely free hand, the finished piece of jewelry often looks completely different than my basic idea. I particularly like that!

I wrote a fairy tale!

In it I let you get to know and accompany a small stone - a fire agate!

I am a small stone, a fire agate, as you humans would say. I live here in a cave surrounded by brothers and sisters and I am AAAAAALT, at least for the understanding of you humans. In reality, I’m not that old, I think. I have brothers and sisters who have been living here sooooo much longer and growing and gathering knowledge and wisdom. But no matter how long we have been here, I cannot say that I would ever be bored. We have so much exchange with each other. So much that we can pass each other on. We enjoy absorbing the energies that are around us. We are shaped by our environment, by the minerals around us, by the soil conditions, by the composition of the water that surrounds us and so much more. That makes us what we are. And we are here to gain knowledge, wisdom and much, much strength.
I have a little secret in me. One day I would so much like to give everything that I have accumulated and stored in me as a gift. Because I have so much to give.
And since it is rumored that people sometimes find us, I hope that my big, secret wish will come true at some point. But it is also rumored that people are sometimes very rough when they want to recover us …… Well, maybe one day I will find out whether that is true. I have a little secret in me. One day I would so much like to give everything that I have accumulated and stored in me as a gift. Because I have so much to give.
And since it is rumored that people sometimes find us, I hope that my big, secret wish will come true at some point. But it is also rumored that people are sometimes very rough when they want to recover us …… Well, maybe one day I’ll find out for myself whether that’s true. accompany a small stone – a fire agate!

Years ….., centuries ….., millennia have passed, I have grown and grown and have learned and stored strength and knowledge …… But suddenly it is loud around us, there is knocking, hammered and drilled. At first we couldn’t explain this radau, but then we realized that it could only be the people looking for us! And suddenly, a big bang, I’m just flying through the air! What an intoxicating, liberating feeling, wouuuuuuuw ……. It just came so unexpectedly and also tremendously, but now that my light-headedness has subsided, I can see wonderful, bright, radiant light and its warmth feel me. Is that overwhelming ……. I can’t express it in words.

And now I am getting to know people. They are very loud, at least compared to my previous environment, because they communicate in a different way than we stones, but I find it fun and interesting to listen to them. They touch me and take me in hand, which has given me a feeling of softness and warmth again.

I was still given a lot from hand to hand, was sanded and polished (that may have tickled, I can tell you), was photographed, exhibited and finally packed and shipped.

And now I’m on a trip. I feel the speed, height, distance, but unfortunately I can’t see any of it in my packaging. Because we can see stones too, even if we have no eyes like you humans.

And the longer the trip takes, the more I feel a certain person’s feelings that are aimed at me. Waiting for me, curiosity whether I will meet the expectations, anticipation, also a little impatience when I will finally arrive and already a lot of love for me ……

These feelings are getting stronger ……… And now I am unpacked and I receive so much joy. Joy that I am finally there, amazement and awe for my beauty, my being, my strength and my knowledge. Yes, I can feel the people around me very well and know what moves them.

The woman I ended up with – her name is Suna – tells me that she is planning to create a unique piece of jewelry with me. With the sense that another person can decorate themselves with me, feel comfortable with me and the whole piece of jewelry that I will become, beautiful, enriched, protected, understood, as the soul – with everything it needs – who she is, can be recognized …… And I, in cooperation with the wire with which she wants to surround me, can finally give my future bearer and convey that I have in me . And I’m looking forward to it, so I’m really looking forward to having my long-cherished wish come true.

She says she wants to get a feel for me and my shape and an idea for the piece of jewelry. She draws around a bit, puts a couple of options that fit me on paper, always following me and my river …….

Now I can watch her forming a matching frame out of quite thick, strong wire. First of all, this frame should give me hold in the piece of jewelry and, secondly, create anchoring for the decorations that she wants to arrange around me …..

Again and again she puts me on the frame to get the right distances and until everything is in the right measure. Now I can take my place in the (not yet recognizable) piece of jewelry. You give me hold with different wires to stay in my place …….

I watch her how she creates one section after the other with the most varied patterns in very detailed precision work. Each section has been measured on me beforehand so that they get the correct length with the planned curves.

After each fixed section, she looks at me and the piece of jewelry as a unit to decide on the next step. She often tries around with several prepared sample sections, what would look best next or in the next 2-3 steps …….. Sometimes, however, she cannot decide on the next step. Then she pauses to wait for the next inspiration – as I can see in her thoughts. Sometimes she works on other pieces of jewelry during “my” breaks. Sometimes she relaxes with a book or takes care of her family and household …….. Sometimes it takes longer for the injection to come – but it always comes – and then it takes me back Hand and continues to express my beauty and creativity …….

At times it happens that she is not 100 percent satisfied with a step she has taken. Then she takes this section off and replaces it until I can feel a feeling of satisfaction with what she has done …..

And so I slowly become a whole piece of jewelry. I can feel that we are slowly coming to an end as she is happy, content and full of what has been created so far and her anticipation for the finished piece is growing ……..

And here I am! ……… I, embedded and protected in a piece of jewelry, ready to be handed over to my new companion.

I’m really looking forward to getting in line with my new owner, to being able to give her all my strength and knowledge so that her / his soul and body can benefit from it …… .

Have I not become unique and beautiful?

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