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3-strand-Copper-Choker – till size 48 cm – strong


3-strand-Copper-Choker – till size 48 cm – strong


3-Strand-Copper-Choker – strong

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3-Strand-Copper-Choker – strong – till size 48 cm

This choker consists of 3 twisted strands, which I twist together in turn. It is intended for heavier pendants and has a thickness of 3 mm, 3-strand-copper-choker, copperjewelry handmade by SunayLaLuna.

Please note when measuring the desired length, which you have to inform me in a message, that this choker lies around the neck and does not hang down like a chain.


DECORATE yourself with the power of metals!

Here I have listed the possible effects for this choker for those of you who care about the effects of the metals in your jewelry.

About Copper:

Copper has been one of the most important metals in human history for many centuries. Since it is very easy to work with, it has been used by the oldest known cultures. And since the Middle Ages there have been reports about the radiating and healing effects of this metal.

Effect of copper:

I have been told since childhood that if you are insomniacs you should put copper under your bed to protect yourself against harmful radiation. My grandmother always wore a copper bracelet. She kept saying that it was useful for her rheumatic joint pain. My father-in-law, for whom I made a copper bracelet for these complaints, swears since he has been wearing it. My grandmother also said that everyone over a certain age should wear copper as it protects against joint wear and calcification.

In the “Great Lexicon of Healing Stones, Herbs and Fragrances” one speaks about powerful healing properties on the blood. Furthermore, that copper also strengthens the immune system and supports women during their period through its anti-cramping properties. Michael Gienger also cites the last statement in his book “Heilsteine”. Furthermore, copper stands for beauty on the spiritual level and promotes a feeling for aesthetics, harmony and love for all beings on the spiritual level. In the mental area, it brings playful creativity and promotes the sense of justice.

3-Strand-Copper-Choker, copperjewelry, SunayLaLuna.

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