FUSION - MetalArt merges with the power of stones! UNIQUE JEWELERY - HANDMADE and enriched with a lot of LOVE and my personal DEDICATION!

FUSION - MetalArt merges with the power of stones!

UNIQUE JEWELRY - HANDMADE and enriched with lot of LOVE and my personal DEDICATION!

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Welcome to my homepage!

I have been following my passion for more than 20 years. Namely, creating individual unique jewelry with selected precious and semi-precious stones,

In 2014 I fulfilled my dream, namely my self-employment as a jewelry designer! And on 1.6. In 2022 a completely unexpected dream came true, namely recognition as a VISUAL ARTIST in Applied Arts!

You too can fulfill a dream: With these unique, handcrafted treasures! Choose the creation that suits you and let it emphasize your special personality! Appreciate and honour your personality! Show your self respect!


Under  Custom-made you can order “your personalized piece of jewelry or a very special gift for one of your loved ones.

If you are interested in a one-off item, go to the Shop here.

Recommended by the British VOGUE

I would like to express my thanks to the renowned magazine VOGUE (british edition). who considered my work valuable enough to recommend it in their “Jewellery Designer Profile.” This recognition is a great confirmation and motivation for me.

Thank you, VOGUE, for this valuable support and appreciation of my work.

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Jewellery Designer Profile Vogue SunayLaLuna
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Since I was a child, I have had a strong relationship with stones of all kinds. And to process them into exclusive pieces of jewelry for you in loving and devoted craftsmanship, fulfills me deeply!

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When I make jewelry for you, I put all my heart and the desire to give the best for you into every single piece. This of course means that I have very high standards when choosing my materials!

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If you want a very special piece of jewelry that is made to fit exactly for you, I will help you to realize it ....... And the same applies of course in the case that you have a very special piece of jewelry for one of yours Want to have loved ones made, because what could be nicer than making others happy ?!

When you buy something from an artist, you are buying more than just one item. You buy hundreds of hours of mistakes and experimentation. You buy years of learning, moments of pure joy and moments of frustration. You don't just buy one thing, you buy a piece of heart, a piece of soul ....... a little piece of someone else's life.

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What does it bring you to wear jewelry that has been specially made for you? ... The jewelry that was made for YOU, lifts you out of the "masses", underlines YOUR personality, is a VERY special eye-catcher, underlines YOUR femininity / masculinity! You send your message with it!

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In my Shop you can coose from finished, available pieces.


Here's your chance to schedule a Live Zoom appointment with me to go through all the details for a piece of jewelry made especially for you!



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