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Out of love for beauty, exclusivity and individuality!


Out of love for



and indivuality!

Tourmaline-Medallion Exclusivejewelry SunayLaLuna

Welcome to my homepage!

For more than 20 years I have been making individual exclusive jewelry using high quality materials.

I choose my precious and semi-precious stones piece by piece and with much love and dedication I manufacture exclusive, unusual one-offs or small series.

And since my gemstone jewelry should underline your individuality, you can do it yourself let you (or as a perfect gift – for a specific person ) design a coordinated piece of jewelry! </ p >

In a word: “If you have special requests and make high demands on your jewelry, you’ve come to the right place!”

Fireagate-Medallion Gemsjewelry SunayLaLuna
LapisLazuli-Earhangers Gemsjewelry SunayLaLuna
Bronzite-Medallion SunayLaLuna Gemsjewelry
AndeanMedallion SunayLaLuna Gemsjewelry
Ammolite-Sapphite-Medallion Exclusivejewelry SunayLaLuna
Fireagate SunayLaLuna Gemsjewelry
Moonstone-Medallion Silverjewelry Silverpendant
Starruby-Ring SunayLaLuna Gemsjewelry

Charoite SunayLaLuna Semipreciousstone

Since my childhood I have a strong relation to stones of any kind. And to work them into exclusive pieces of jewelry for you in loving and devoted handwork fills me deeply!

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BoulderOpal SunayLaLuna

When I make jewelry for you, I put my whole heart and passion for giving the best for you in every single piece. As a result of this, of course, I set very high standards when choosing my materials!

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Moonstone-Medallion SunayLaLuna Exclusivejewelry

If you want a very special piece of jewellery, which is made exactly for you, I can help you with the realization……. And the same applies of course if you want to have a very special piece of jewellery made for one of your loved ones, because what is more fullfilling than giving pleasure to others?

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When you buy something from an artist you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. You are buying years of learning, moments of pure joy and moments of frustration. You are not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of heart, a piece of a soul…… a small piece of someone else’s life.

Fireagate-Medaillon exclusivejewelry SunayLaLuna

What’s the point of wearing jewelry that’s been specially made for you?…..
The jewelry, which was made for YOU, makes you stand out from the “broad masses”, underlines YOUR personality, is a VERY special eye-catcher, underlines YOUR femininity/manliness, you send YOUR message with it!

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In my shop you can choose and purchase from finished, currently available pieces of jewelry, the one that suits you.

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Since the “power of stones” is very important to me, I only use high quality precious or semi-precious stones, which I select piece by piece.

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Mondstein-Medaillon Silberschmuck Silberanhänger

Smaragd-Opal-Anhänger Silberanhänger Silberschmuck

Amethyst-Anhänger SunayLaLuna Amethystschmuck Halbedelsteinschmuck

Amazonit-SunayLaLuna (5)

Sternrubinring Silberring Silberschmuck

SternrubinRing SunayLaLuna Halbedelsteinschmuck

Mondstein-Medaillon Exklusivschmuck SunayLaLuna

Turmaline-medallion SunayLaLuna Halbedelsteinschmuck

Ammolith-Saphir-Medaillon Exklusivschmuck SunayLaLuna

Feuerachat-Medaillon SunayLaluna Halbedelsteinschmuck

AndenopalMedaillon SunayLaLuna Halbedelsteinschmuck

Bronzit-Medaillon SunayLaLuna Halbedelsteinschmuck

Bronzit-Medaillon SunayLaLuna Halbedelsteinschmuck

Larimar-Medaillon Silberschmuck SunayLaLuna

Feuerachat-Medaillon Halbedelsteinschmuck SunayLaLuna

Türkisanhänger Halbedelsteinschmuck SunayLaLuna

Ammolith-Anhänger SunayLaLuna Exklusivschmuck

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Customer feedback

Silverbracelet Silverjewelry Silverarmcuff Aquamarine

Tina Brunner

I wanted a supporting piece of jewelry that was tailored to me. Suna dealt intensively with me and helped me to choose the right stone.
I am enthusiastic about her commitment to me and speechless what she conjured up from it. Unique, beautiful pieces of jewelry, a very cordial exchange as well as uncomplicated and quick delivery even to Switzerland characterize the great service. I love all of my Suna treasures and can recommend them with a clear conscience.

Frau Suna y LaLuna Jewelry

Gisela Feldvoß

The pendants, chains, rings, earrings, bracelets, cloth needles from Suna are unique and imaginative beauties that on the one hand enchant with their wonderful stones and on the other hand because of the unusual and extraordinary attractiveness of the manufactoring have become real favorites for me. Unique pieces that you can afford, jewelry with which you always stand out. The jewelry exudes strength and energy for me and even matches my medieval attire. So far I have 3 pendants, one with a matching braided chain, a cloth needle for my various self-knitted or crocheted cloths and 2 pairs of earrings. It won’t stay that way, I definitely need a bracelet !!!