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Welcome to my homepage!

For more than 20 years I have been making individual exclusive jewelry using high quality materials.

I choose my precious and semi-precious stones piece by piece and with much love and dedication I manufacture exclusive, unusual one-offs or small series.

And since my gemstone jewelry should underline your individuality, you can do it yourself let you (or as a perfect gift – for a specific person ) design a coordinated piece of jewelry! </ p >

In a word: “If you have special requests and make high demands on your jewelry, you’ve come to the right place!”


Since my childhood I have a strong relation to stones of any kind. And to work them into exclusive pieces of jewelry for you in loving and devoted handwork fills me deeply!


When I make jewelry for you, I put my whole heart and passion for giving the best for you in every single piece. As a result of this, of course, I set very high standards when choosing my materials!

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If you want a very special piece of jewellery, which is made exactly for you, I can help you with the realization....... And the same applies of course if you want to have a very special piece of jewellery made for one of your loved ones, because what is more fullfilling than giving pleasure to others?

When you buy something from an artist you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. You are buying years of learning, moments of pure joy and moments of frustration. You are not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of heart, a piece of a soul...... a small piece of someone else's life.

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What's the point of wearing jewelry that's been specially made for you?.....
The jewelry, which was made for YOU, makes you stand out from the "broad masses", underlines YOUR personality, is a VERY special eye-catcher, underlines YOUR femininity/manliness, you send YOUR message with it!


In my shop you can choose and purchase from finished, currently available pieces of jewelry, the one that suits you.


Since the "power of stones" is very important to me, I only use high quality precious or semi-precious stones, which I select piece by piece.

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Reinigung und Aufladung von Halbedelsteinen

About cleaning and charging stones and gemstone jewelry!

I have promised you a blog for a long time, where I talk about cleaning and charging semi-precious stones. Now I keep my promise, even if it took a little longer!

Like other objects, stones can absorb energy and then release it again. In our world we are surrounded by different energies, some strengthen us and some weaken us. Stones absorb these energies, both positive and negative.

So it is fundamentally necessary for the permanent healing effect of stones to discharge and recharge them from time to time (approximately once a month, depending on how often you use or wear them).

First I want to tell you how I personally clean and recharge my stones and jewelry!

I have a completely closed amethyst druse (which of course can be opened). I know that I’m more of an exception since amethyst druses are quite expensive, especially the closed ones. I was able to buy mine many years ago at an extremely affordable price in India when we (quite coincidentally) drove with friends to “their” stone dealer in his mine. That was the complete stroke of luck back then …… So, in this amethyst druse I put my stones or jewelry for about 24 hours and leave them to the many, many small amethyst tips that surround them from all directions. These tips are very important for this method of cleaning – therefore it should be a druse or a piece of druse and no drum or polished stones ……… With this method there is no “too long” and sometimes it also more than 24 hours …….. I like this way of cleaning and charging the most. It feels so natural, simple and good to me and I’ve learned to trust my intuition (especially regarding stones) ……. I googled a little bit for you with an amethyst druse and that found:

The amount of iron in the amethyst is very finely divided. In addition, an amethyst has a very high concentration of energy. It is symbolically as powerful and powerful as that of a volcano. If you now place a gem in the druse, the information of the stone is passed on to the much stronger amethyst and thus freed from it.

If you are not one of the lucky ones who own an entire amethyst druse, you can also help yourself with a drusen piece that is much cheaper to get.

Before I came across the amethyst method, I unloaded my stones in hematite tumbled stones.

It is simply less complicated than always paying attention to which stone may or may not come into contact with water, which stones can be cleaned with salt and which cannot ……

I then put them in a bowl with many large and small rock crystals to charge them,

because the rock crystal as a neutral gem has activating and strengthening properties. And that worked wonderfully.

Of course, I also cleaned my hematite again and again, which works well with the salt method. You don’t have to charge them if you only use them for cleaning. But if you want to recharge the hematite, you can do it well in rock crystals.

And I unload my rock crystals under running, cold water and charge them in the sun.

When I unload stones with water, I personally do it with cold water because it reminds me of the power of a mountain stream. Some instructions say that you should clean stones under lukewarm water, but you may decide that intuitively.

Here are different methods to DISCHARGE healing stones.

Follow your intuition when you choose a method.

Unloading under water:

Here you will find a wide variety of instructions, which usually vary from stone to stone. (That’s why I used hematite tumbled stones). There are instructions that recommend lukewarm water and instructions that recommend cold water. I myself clean stones with cold water without exception, precisely because cleaning with cold water reminds me of cleaning in a clear mountain stream. And the duration ranges from “briefly cleaning under running water” to “6-8 hours cleaning under running water”. But there is always talk of running water, which sounds just right. The following may not be cleaned in water: turquoise, chrysocolla and pyrite sun, as these cannot tolerate water.

The easiest way is to place the stone you want to unload on hematite tumbled stones in the evening and leave it there overnight.

Unloading with salt:

Salt has always been known as a great element of cleaning and has also been used in this way in many cultures. For cleaning with natural salt, you take 2 glass bowls that fit into each other. So a bigger and a smaller one. In principle, it is like heating something in a water bath. Only salt is used instead of hot water and nothing is heated …… Cover the bottom of the larger bowl with salt, place the small bowl on top and fill the space between the two bowls with salt so high that the stone underneath Salt edge comes to rest. The stone comes into the smaller bowl and must not come into direct contact with the salt. If it is a stone that tolerates water, it is poured with low-mineral water to increase the conductivity of the salt. The salt can be used more often ……. Cleaning with salt is very effective. The duration of the salt bath can be between 10 minutes and 6 hours maximum (googled), depending on how much the stone was “used”. I would let the salt work for 2 hours at the longest. But that is again just my personal feeling ….. If the stone remains in the salt bath for too long, the salt can deprive it of all its strength and the healing effect can decrease.

And here are some ways to CHARGE healing stones.

Intuitively decide which one you want to use.

Charging with rock crystals:

Place the stone you want to charge in a group of rock crystals and let it load in for about 24 hours.

Charging with sunlight:

The sun charges stones wonderfully, provided that the stone can take sunlight. Find out if your stone is suitable for charging in the sun. In principle, the morning and evening sun should be used for charging and the midday sun should be avoided, since it can deprive the stone of its strength. An exception is the amber, which likes to bathe in the sun.

Charging with moonlight:

You can also charge stones with moonlight, but you must note that the moon has strong effects, depending on the phase it is in and whether these moon influences are transferred to the stone. The waxing moon is suitable for strong, powerful stones that you want to be energized by, the waning moon is more suitable for stones that have gentle energies and for processes of cleaning and letting go.

I have deliberately given only the most common methods (so that it does not become an unmanageable flood of information) and those that I have already used.

And now about CLEANING of “my / your” JEWELRY!

Please do not clean your jewelry in ultrasonic devices. Sure they will be nice and clean, but I can’t and don’t want to imagine what the ultrasound does in the stones. When I think about it, it shakes me. I can not say more about that.

If your copper or silver has tarnished and you want to make it shine again, just do it with a polishing paste. Of course you can also use a natural toothpaste for this. Apply the paste to the metal with a soft brush (please let the stone out) and rinse it off with water.

There are also jewelry cleaning cloths (polishing cloths) that you can use without any problems. This method is particularly advisable if you have a stone in your piece of jewelry that cannot do well with water.

You can use the above-mentioned methods for unloading and charging healing stones without hesitation.

So feel yourself in and try it out. If you have any questions (e.g. whether “your” stone can tolerate water or can tolerate the sun or … .. or …..) you can contact me at this link

Warum: “Schmücke dich mit der Kraft der Steine?”

I myself have been fascinated by stones since childhood. In the beginning it was of course all kinds of stones that I found while walking, in fields, in streams or wherever and which I took home as my sweetheart. Over time, more and more semi-precious stones came to me in various ways – as gifts, as jewelry, etc. And of course at some point my interest in the effects and influences of these stones on us humans has awakened. I have started to observe the effect of the stones on me, but also on friends, and have had many positive experiences with it, even if there is no scientific evidence of the actual effect of healing stones (apart from the placebo effect). A lot of natural power is stored in the stones. In comparison to human life, stones survive very long periods in the history of the earth and can therefore store a particularly large amount of energy. The power of the stones is as different as the stones themselves, because these are formed from minerals, of which there are several thousand species in nature. But, since this is not just about my personal relationship to semi-precious stones , I have brought you some interesting facts about gemstones in history:

Gemstones in History:

The use of stones in medicine has deep roots. The use of precious and semi-precious stones as protection or a lucky charm goes back to all indigenous (indigenous) cultures and then to all advanced cultures from China to India, ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Mayas and Aztecs of Central America. The first written records of “stone healing” go back 6000 years to Ayurveda in India (literal translation: wisdom or life science). The first records of this naturopathy can be found in the “Vedas”, a collection of thousands of years old Hindu texts. There are accurate records of how to use gemstones to heal physical and mental illnesses. It contains information on the processing of precious stones (for powders, ointments, elixirs) and instructions for placing colored healing stones on diseased parts of the body. Ayurveda is still taught as part of medical education at Indian universities. And the use of talismans and amulets even goes back to the beginnings of mankind. The oldest finds of jewelry and amulets are estimated to be just over 100,000 years old. Napoleon was convinced that only thanks to a lapis lazuli scarab from an Egyptian tomb did he remain unharmed on all his campaigns. Roman Legionnaires wore tiger-eye pendants to protect them in battle. The Mayan shamans wore black tourmaline at their ceremonies so as not to be caught by Earth spirits. The Navajo warriors and hunters carried turquoise to get protection from the god of heaven.

All of this shows that minerals, gemstones and crystals have been used for millennia to balance emotional, physical and spiritual powers, protect their wearers and bring them happiness.

And why now: adorn yourself with the power of stones?

I want to connect with this sentence. A connection that means that on the one hand you decorate yourself and your body and on the other hand you make use of the effects of the stones. Decorate yourself: It’s so nice to decorate yourself and your body! Who does not know the special feeling when you “beautify” your body, be it with make-up, a new hairstyle, beautiful clothes or just extraordinary jewelry. And with special, extraordinary jewelry you also send out a message: “I am an individual! I am unique and wear something unique ”! – You stand out from the masses! And here we come to the combination of what I am talking about, on the one hand special, unique jewelry and on the other hand precious or semi-precious stones set in it, with their unique effect again is made available and made available for you.

And that’s why I say: “Decorate yourself with the power of stones”!

My next blog will be about how to clean stones! Because for the fact that they help us with our problems and ailments, we should give them the luxury from time to time to clean themselves and recharge (energize).

Suna y Laluna Logo Name

Ich habe den Namen meiner Seite geändert……


I went back to SUNAyLaLuna, the name that has been with me for so long! ……….. It was created many, many years ago, when I created my first email address (which was the full achievement THEN then) ………. It means Suna and the moon ….. Suna is my first name and also includes the sun (Sun) and y la luna comes from Spanish.
For me it covers everything that concerns this world … .. The fiery of the sun, the energy to progress, to act, to create, to exist in this life and the mystical of the moon (the mondin), the feminine, dreamy, hidden, whereby I express my creativity both as the sun and also assign to the moon ….. And since I have decided (at the suggestion of a fairy godmother who has come into my life) to appear on all SocialMedia sites under one name from now on, I have of all mine until now current names and names, back-decided for SUNAyLaLuna …….. It was also important to me in my decision to get away from everything “wireweaving, macrame, jewelry, jewelry”, because these are only mechanical descriptions of my work ………. But what is really important to me is the combination of the effects and the power of precious and semi-precious stones (which grow and develop over millions of years under the influence of the sun and moon) on us, and the “packaging” that I create for them (my jewelry). And I feel that much more in SUNAyLaLuna than in wireweaving or macrame, which is only a technique ……..

Wire jewelry in history

About the history of “wire weaving”!

“Wire weaving”, what is that anyway?

Before I start with the story of wire weaving, I would like to tell you what wire weaving is, what this expression means, how the technique works. “Wire weaving” is a very old technique for making handmade jewelry. In principle, it works in such a way that patterns are wrapped or “woven” on or around thicker base wires, with thinner wire. The wrapped or unwrapped base wires are brought into the desired shape step by step Loops, bends, curves, which then make up the piece of jewelry. I personally describe “wire weaving” as “perfected improvisation”: Because you have to go so much with the flow of the individual piece, or rather, go may. Each individual piece is a new experience and a challenge, has its own ways of doing it and its own possibilities, which often only open up during production. With “wire weaving”, the piece of jewelry becomes purely mechanical (manual), made by bending and twisting the wires. This also includes the fixation in the desired form, by wrapping wires with wires, without heating or soldering the wire. Of course there are a few tools that you need for wire weaving. Basically, these are only 4 things: a wire pincers, round pliers, flat pliers and chain pliers. With the help of these 4 devices you can “wire weave”. All additional tools are then only relief, and I want to emphasize that despite all the tools, the technique of wire weaving is carried out by hand. It is also an excellent technique for edging gemstones (in every available form).

The history of “wire weaving”:

Specimens of wire and pearl jewelry, made using the technique of wire weaving, date back to the time before Christ. The British Museum owns jewelry from the Sumerian dynasty, which can be found in the “cemetery of Ur” were found and contained spiral wire elements. These pieces of jewelry were dated to around 2000 BC. From this we can see how long the history of wire weaving has existed. Other jewelry from the ancient Romans show “wire weave” loops and are dated to the time around the birth of Christ. Also from the In early Egypt, silver and gold jewelry existed, which includes hand-woven mesh. The real art of “wire weaving” has existed since the time of the Phoenician Empire, around 1000 BC, where gold and silver were hammered into metal sheets narrow strips were cut and sanded smooth at the edges, resulting in the wire. This wire was then woven into patterns and mostly used on breastplate. The earliest reference to drawn (instead of cut) wire dates back to the 8th century in France. The first commercial wire factory was founded in France in 1270 . During the Middle Ages, knights brought wire to England to produce chain mail for their armor. Gold and silver wire was drawn in France and transported back to England. The earliest mention of wire production in England was in 1465. During this time, “wire weaving” was on attaching crosses or other religious symbols, to lanyards or chains reduced.

In the 19th century, in the time of Bohemian culture, beautiful chains and bracelets were made using wire to attach stones and pearls. This jewelry was very popular with the European aristocracy for over 50 years.

Nowadays, “wire-woven” jewelry is famous for its uniqueness and individuality of every single piece – there are no two exactly the same pieces. And this unique and individuality is what fascinates me about this technique. You never know in advance exactly what each piece will look like. And even if you write down the individual steps during the production of a piece of jewelry, each piece made according to these instructions will look different and have its own character.

I hope that in my “History of Wire Weaving” I was able to offer you an interesting overview of where this technique of jewelry production originated and how it developed into what we mean by it today. In In my next blog I will tell you something about wire (including its effects on the body and the psyche – depending on the type of metal it is) and why I love working with it.

Wire jewelry Azurite jewelry Suna y LaLuna
My “career” in gemstone jewelry started with macrame. I have been working with this technique for over 20 years and I love this work. BUT: At some point I started to feel limited about the shape and size of the stones that I could frame with macrame. And that’s why I started using wire.

In the beginning it was a very simple version. Follow the stone shape with the wire, make any connections so that the stone cannot fall out … ..

And THEN: Has wire weaving come into my life! What a revolution! … ….. Somewhere (I have no idea where that was) I saw a photo of a woven border. And was fascinated! My urge to act and explore was immediately awakened. This was followed by an intensive period of searching, trying, learning, making mistakes, learning from these mistakes, achieving success and becoming more and more satisfied with the outcome. In the first year, hardly a day has passed in which I have not woven (although not much has changed so far).

I have not yet got a stone shape in my hand that you could NOT frame with this technique. And as you have seen yourself, “wire-woven” jewelry is not only unique, but also extremely beautiful! Working with wire allows me to live out my creativity in such a way that I feel very satisfied and satisfied with it. And “wire weaving” is limitless. In this technique, there are so many different techniques that I can combine that there are no limits to the design options.

Different types of wire:

There are so many types of wire: aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, surface-treated and therefore multi-colored wire, brass wire, copper wire, silver wire, gold wire, “silverfilled- or goldfilled” wire ……

A few words about “silver- or goldfilled” wire. It is silver-plated or gold-plated wire. With silver it is a copper core that is silver-plated, with gold it is a copper or brass core that is gold-plated. This means that both wires contain only those metals that are also used to stretch fine silver or fine gold, e.g. To get sterling silver (925 or 935) or 14 or 18 carat gold.

This form of silver or gold wire is an affordable variant of pure silver or gold wire and cannot be distinguished externally from these. In my experience and the experience of other jewelry manufacturers (with whom I exchange ideas), these types of wire do NOT rub off and you will enjoy them for a lifetime (in contrast to jewelry wire, which is also silver-plated copper wire, for example). “Silverfilled wire” has nothing to do with this jewelry wire (which you can buy in craft stores), because it is 50 to 100 times more silver-plated.

I personally use copper wire, silver wire, “silverfilled” and “goldfilled” wire, as well as pure gold wire on request. Sometimes brass wire, but only on request, because it is very stiff and not so easy to process. Also with gold wire or ” goldfilled “I would work wire, but only on request, simply for cost reasons. The reason why I only work with these wires is that the effect on the body is very important to me. I see my jewelry as” Power jewelry ”, which should enable you to connect with the power of the stones and to be able to use them. And in my opinion it is necessary that the stones are encased in“ pure ”metals and not in aluminum wire or the like.

Effects of metals:

Here I want to give you a brief summary of the effects of the metals that I use. I use “The Great Lexicon of Healing Stones, Fragrances and Herbs” as the source, because according to the law I am not allowed to make these statements. So, these statements do not come from me, but from the above. Book:


  • has healing properties on the blood and blood circulation and also controls the hormones and vitamins that are transported through the blood cells in the blood
  • strengthens the immune system and thus helps against fever and feverish infections
  • supports the woman in the menstrual period, relieves abdominal and abdominal pain before the rule and regenerates the metabolic balance of the glands during the rule
  • has strong anticonvulsant effects on the nerves and muscle fibers
  • helps with rheumatic muscle and joint diseases and prevents heavy joint wear and joint calcification
  • helps against frequent cramps in calves, legs and face
  • helps against pressure pain caused by the sciatic nerve
  • relieves psychosomatic disorders and epilepsy
  • protects liver, spinal cord, kidneys and lungs from diseases, fungal infections, jaundice and catarrh
  • relieves anemia and malignant anemia
  • works against earth and water jets
  • helps with insomnia, sleep disorders and sensitivity to the weather
  • strengthens self-confidence, encourages courage and promotes decision-making
  • helps to recognize and implement difficult decisions better


  • is a powerful transformer between healing stones and our body
  • regulates the fluid balance in the lymphatic system and the flow of juice in the organism
  • protects against acidification of the body fluids in the stomach and intestines
  • harmonizes the production of the glands
  • gives inner balance and spiritual peace to a greater extent
  • soothes people who are prone to rudeness, takes away their hatred and prevents outbursts of anger and sudden anger
  • strengthens weaker and more reserved people in their self-confidence and self-fulfillment and frees them from everyday inhibitions in dealing with other people


  • is contained in the organism as a function-enhancing trace element
  • has very gentle healing effects and is very supportive in connection with precious and healing stones
  • worn on the body, it accompanies the organism in the change of life and protects against early signs of aging
  • delays organic decay and maintains healthy metabolism into old age and actively
  • leads to healthy eating behavior
  • makes the nervous system smoother, so that the flow of information can penetrate freely from the brain to the organs and limbs
  • also relieves senility, deafness, myopia and uncontrolled muscle tremors
  • strengthens the self-confidence of its wearer and symbolizes wealth and well-being
  • Hard work, loyalty and love are qualities that are achieved directly through gold.
  • ATTENTION: Processed gold should always be worn in conjunction with gemstones, since pure gold can spoil the character of a person. People who suffer from arrogance and obsession with power can become crude and very possessive through pure gold.

I hope this blog brought you some interesting news! In my next blog I will tell you about cleaning and charging the healing stones.

Silverbracelet Silverjewelry Silverarmcuff Aquamarine

I wanted a supporting piece of jewelry that was tailored to me. Suna dealt intensively with me and helped me to choose the right stone.
I am enthusiastic about her commitment to me and speechless what she conjured up from it. Unique, beautiful pieces of jewelry, a very cordial exchange as well as uncomplicated and quick delivery even to Switzerland characterize the great service. I love all of my Suna treasures and can recommend them with a clear conscience.

Frau Suna y LaLuna Jewelry

The pendants, chains, rings, earrings, bracelets, cloth needles from Suna are unique and imaginative beauties that on the one hand enchant with their wonderful stones and on the other hand because of the unusual and extraordinary attractiveness of the manufactoring have become real favorites for me. Unique pieces that you can afford, jewelry with which you always stand out. The jewelry exudes strength and energy for me and even matches my medieval attire. So far I have 3 pendants, one with a matching braided chain, a cloth needle for my various self-knitted or crocheted cloths and 2 pairs of earrings. It won’t stay that way, I definitely need a bracelet !!!