Labradorite-Medallion “ABUNDANCE”


A faceted blue labradorite with smaller labradorites and ethiopian opal-cabochons in patinated copperwire.

Dimensions: 6 x 3,5 cm (2,36 x 1.38 “)

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Labradorite-Medallion “ABUNDANCE”

has a beautiful, light blue shimmering labradorite as the main stone. In addition, I set 3 mm topaz cabochons and an ethiopian opal as accents. Exclusivejewelry, labradorite-medallion handmade by SunayLaLuna.

Price without chain.

It is one of a kind.

I used pure, nickel-free copper wire for the frame, which I patinated and then polished, giving it that antique-looking look. .

Effects of Labradorite (excerpts from “The Great Lexicon of Healing Stones, Fragrances and Herbs”)

Effects on the body:

The labradorite strengthens the immune system and also activates the thymus gland. The resulting enzymes in turn activate the circulatory system, the muscle system and, in particular, the ability to better heal diseases through the body’s own defenses.

Effects on the psyche:

The labradorite has very strong calming and balancing properties on the soul. It relieves outbursts of anger and transforms them into open and sincere partnerships. And people who are prone to severity and abuse are reminded of how their own childhood went with the help of labradorite.

Effects of copper (excerpts from “The Great Lexicon of Healing Stones, Fragrances and Herbs”)

The radiating and healing properties of copper have been known since the Middle Ages.

Effects on the body:

Copper has very powerful healing properties on the blood and circulation. It also strengthens the immune system. It also helps very well against fever, febrile infections and chills. In addition, copper is also a strong metal that supports women in their menstrual bleeding. It relieves abdominal and abdominal pain before the period. In addition, it usually rains the metabolism of the glands. In addition, copper also has very strong anti-spasmodic effects on the nerves and muscle fibers. It also harmonizes the nerve centers in the brain and protects the nerve tracts that branch out through the spinal cord in the body.

For example, it helps very well with rheumatic muscle and joint diseases. It also prevents excessive wear and tear on the joints and calcification. And frequent cramps in the calves, legs and face can also be relieved and cured with the help of copper. Likewise, dislocations and pain in the sciatic nerve caused by pressure loads. It also relieves psychosomatic-mental disorders and epilepsy. These often lead to potency weakness, unfounded anxiety or heavy night sweats. The copper protects the liver, spinal cord, kidneys and lungs from diseases, fungal infections, jaundice and catarrhs. Copper also alleviates anemia and malignant anemia.

Copper is a very strong metal against earth and water jets. People who suffer from frequent insomnia, insomnia and weather sensitivity should definitely have a piece of natural copper on their neck or under the mattress.

Effects on the psyche:

Copper strengthens the self-confidence of its wearer. It conveys courage and promotes decision-making power. With the help of copper, particularly difficult life decisions can be better recognized and made. In addition, copper has the property that it elicits the truth not only from its wearer – but also from its counterpart. People who feel betrayed or who are insecure should definitely carry a copper nugget with them. Larger copper nuggets placed in the apartment can harmonize the entire family aura. It inspires all members to be more open, truthful and pure. Copper strengthens the harmony in the family particularly strongly.


I hope that with the excerpts – from the book mentioned above – I was able to give you a feeling for the effects of labradorite and copper.

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