If you are looking for Semipreciousstones-jewelry that is of high quality, you can choose between Copper- and Silverjewelry, which I make with love and dedication. Under Medallions/Amulets you find elaborately crafted Silverpendants, Silverjewelry made by SunayLaLuna.

With me you get unique pieces in a lavishly worked unusual style.

But you can also have your piece of jewelry made by me that I make especially for you. We choose the semi-precious stone together. You also decide what type of wire you want and the style. I then combine your wishes into an individual composition.

And of course we can also do the whole thing for someone else. For someone who is close to your heart and who you want to make a unique gift.

SunayLaLuna – Silverjewelry – Medallions/Amulets – Silverpendants

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