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Charoite-Pendant1 (Collection “Pure”)

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Charoite-Pendant1 (Collection “Pure”)


Charoite in Silverwire

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Energy-Charoite-Pendant1 – Collection “Pure”

This pendant has a narrow, teardrop-shaped, purple charoite as the main stone! The frame is playful asymmetrically. Pendant dimensions: 4.1 x 1.2 cm (1.61 x 0.47 “). Charoite-Pendant1, Collection “Pure”, Jewelrydesign made by SunayLaLuna.

The setting consists of a combination of 925 sterling- and 999 finesilverwire. I use finesilver for the thicker base wires, as it is easier to bend and stays in position without “popping up” again, and sterlingsilver for the fine weaving wires!

DECORATE yourself with the power of stones!

Here I have listed the possible effects for this Charoite-Pendant for those of you to whom the effect of the healing stones in semipreciousstonejewelry is important.

Possible effects of the Charoite:

The charoite is also known as the “Siberian Beauty”.

In the “Great Lexicon of Healing Stones, Fragrances and Herbs” it is said of the historical tradition that the Mongolian and Siberian peoples use this stone to make decorative objects. Because it has very good grindable properties. On long winter evenings, they cook the charoite in tea. You give this elixir on special holidays within the family to strengthen family ties.

For Michael Gienger, the Charoit stands for energy and determination on the spiritual level. On the subconscious level for being relaxed and also for overcoming constraints and resistance. On the mental level for help with making important decisions and also with coping with mountains of work.

About Silver:

The processing of silver into jewelry can be traced back to the 4th millennium BC. After gold, silver was the most sought-after protective and decorative metal and it had a permanent place in almost all cultures.

The “Great Lexicon of Healing Stones, Fragrances and Herbs” states that silver can be used very well as a transformer between precious and healing stones in our body. That on the one hand it transforms the gentle vibrations of weak healing stones into powerful vibrations and on the other hand it soothes the powerful vibrations of strong stones.

It is also noted that silver gives inner balance and peace of mind. And that with weaker or more reserved people, their self-confidence and self-realization are strengthened through silver.

I myself noticed that we humans have “silver types” on the one hand and “copper types” on the other! The silver types are more “light”, “airy” people, whereas the copper types are more “darker”, “earthier” people.

SunayLaLuna – Charoite-Pendant1 – Jewelrydesign – Collection “Pure”


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