Atelier Suna y Laluna art workshop


Cleaning and Charging of Semipreciousstones

BoulderOpal About cleaning and charging stones and gemstone jewelry! I have promised you a blog for a long time, where I talk about cleaning and charging semi-precious stones. Now I

Warum: “Schmücke dich mit der Kraft der Steine?” I myself have been fascinated by stones since childhood. In the beginning it was of course all kinds of stones that I

Suna y Laluna Logo Name

Ich habe den Namen meiner Seite geändert……   I went back to SUNAyLaLuna, the name that has been with me for so long! ……….. It was created many, many years

Wire jewelry in history

About the history of “wire weaving”! “Wire weaving”, what is that anyway? Before I start with the story of wire weaving, I would like to tell you what wire weaving

Wire jewelry Azurite jewelry Suna y LaLuna

My "career" in gemstone jewelry started with macrame. I have been working with this technique for more than 20 years ...

Tina Brunner

I wanted a supporting piece of jewelry that was tailored to me. Suna dealt intensively with me and helped me to choose the right stone. I am enthusiastic about her

Frau Suna y LaLuna Jewelry

Gisela Feldvoß

The pendants, chains, rings, earrings, bracelets, cloth needles from Suna are unique and imaginative beauties that on the one hand enchant with their wonderful stones and on the other hand

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